We provide all types of Pest Management Services including

  • Roach control and German Cockroach cleanouts
  • Flea and tick control in and outside of your house with chemicals or (non-chemical) nematodes
  • Wasp and hornet treatments
  • Tree spraying for fungus, webworms.
  • Termite control using conventional liquid treatments and/or baiting systems
  • Structural Fumigations for Drywood or Wood Boring beetle control by Elite Exterminating
  • Bed Bug treatments
  • We can also remove contaminated insulation from your attic and sterilize the attic space before new insulation is added

Pests to Be Controlled inside:

Ants (Sugar) *Silverfish *American roaches* Brown Banded roaches * Oriental roaches *Pillbugs *Earwigs * Ground Beetles *Centipedes * Millipedes *Drugstore Beetles * Cigarette Beetles * Firebrats * Crickets *

Wasps and Spiders are Contact kill only No Warranty

Ask your technician about these extra fee services:

*Fleas and Ticks * Carpenter Ants* Termites* Acrobat Ants* Scorpions* Fire Ants on yard (TOP CHOICE)* Centipedes* Hornets(True Yellow Jackets)* Mosquitoes on yard* Chiggers*  Bed bugs *Carpenter Bees* Perimeter Power Spray* Attic dusting


*Beneficial nematodes for Fleas in Yard *Lawn & Ornamental Treatments *Lawn & Shrub Fungus *Webworms  *Oak Leaf Rollers *Army worms *Grub Worms *Chinch Bugs.

We also do minor Animal Trapping, Exclusion Service for Animals and Rodents, Attic Decontamination and Contaminated Insulation Removal.